It is a name given to describe the end of the Mendtrual Cycle in women. Emerged from the combination of Greek words “mens” meanin bleeding and “pausis” means stop coming.
In fact, it is a part of the natural aging process of the ovaries in women at lower levels of producing estrogen and progesterone. Women lose the ability of eggs development because it would be impossible for them to reamin pregnant in this period.
As women begin to see menstruation as a step from childhood to girlhood period, the process takes few years to menopause.
In our country, the average age of menopause is 49, while in the Wester countries, few year ahead.
A very large percentage of women between the ages of 42 to 57 step into menopause.

Should menopausal be perceived as a disease?

Menopause is definetily not a disease nor a health problem, although some women are in need of support during this period. The reason is having certain problems in the process of adaptation to hormonal changes. Some women do not have any hard times or troubles during menopause except of a little bit of discomfort that may appear. In some women, there may appear very severe symptoms. It is impossible to predict which women will be affected with this kind of situation.

What kind of problems can women experience after entering the menopause period?

As menopause approached, the first signs show irregularity of the menstrual period (or frequent thinning). Apart from that, weight may rapidly gain, sudden mood swings, insomnia, joint pain, fatigue, skin dryness, loss of sexual desire, short-term memory, changes in the digestive system, repeated urinary tract infections problems may also appear. These problmes disappear spontaneously after 3-5 years after entering the menopause.

Does every women experience the same menopause problems

Menopause vary from person to person, in different societies and there are many differences in between. For example, Japanese women have fewer menopause symptoms showed, big amount of Greek women complain with hot flashes. These differences are due to genetic inheritance, diet, lifestyle and socio-cultural backgrounds.

What is the hormone therapy for menopause?

In patients with severe symptoms of menopause, hormone replacement (substitution), therapy is only established for high level of decreased hormones in the body. This treatment has different ways (oral, paste strips, vaginal or uterine vessels) of consuming hormones following patient’s wish and the doses can be given according the need.

What are the specific starting situations that women should be aware of during menopause?

  • Menopause transition years can be very simple applicable.
  • Make sure to have as much accurate information as possible about menopause. You can follow on the scientific journals, visual and written press forums.
  • During menopause, talk with a family member or relative who has better experience on this subject.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Consume more low fat, high on protein and fiber, calcium rich food. In addition to this, hot drinks, spices, beverages with caffeine will reduce and avoid coplaint such as hot flashes and sweating.
  • Do regular exercises. Do not forget that regular exercsice is important for the heart diseases in the years of menopause and protects from development of osteoporosis.
  • Dress in thinner layers, while slowly removing your clothes depending in what kind of ambient temperature and hot flashes status are you, you may catch the proper body temperature.
  • Consult your doctor for solution to all your sexual problems that you have been facing during this period.
  • Reduce your stress by redesigning your business and social life.
  • Be in close contact with your doctor and get the right conversations about your health problems. You may cross some situations where you do not care about the initials signs of serious embarrassment.
  • Most importantly, the choices you make because of these steps will have a direct impact on the quality of life that you believe in.

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