• Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol (do not find yourself in places where there is cigarette smoke)
  • Avoid to be engaged into dusty, smoky, sooty and smelly environment.
  • Use your voice in the right tone without thickening or thinning it.
  • Avoid talking too long.
  • Use your diaphragm to speak without straining your throat muscules.
  • Drinking plenty of water (for adults, 2 liter per day)
  • Do not take extremely hot or cold meals. Do not eat spicy or sour food..
  • Stay away from ketchup, cola and acidic food and drinks..
  • Avoid clearing throat tic.
  • For patients with stomach acid leakage in order to avoid high failure should avoid tea, coffee, cola, alcohol, too much food and sleep immediately after eating after evening hours. For sleeping, use higher pillow.
  • To have an appropriate humidity and temperature of your surroundings .

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