Right to Utilize Service

  • Each individual is welcomed to our hospital, no matter language, religion, race or sect. Without any distinction, everyone is being entitled for all the services of our hospital.
  • Our patients have the right to be informed about all apportunities and offers of our hospital diagnosis and treatments and how to access these services.

Information and Consent Authority

  • Our patients on their own or with their legal representative get recommended medical procedures and the information about possibilities of risks or benefits of each initiative, alternatives for each and include the process of development of the health conditions. Each manners are understandable for the patient and done right with complete information.
  • Our patients have a right to receive a copy of the application with written medicine listing and process.
  • Our patients beyond legal requitements, has the right to make a disclousure and approval of the medicine, serious advert events related to the disease, risk of death, recovery issues, chances of success and to decide which treatment will be applied.
    If the patient seem to have accepted the action, it will be considered as approved and the process will be done.
  • Our patients are entitled to receive accurate information about the evaluation and treatment of pain.
  • Our patients and their relatives have a right ti choose about the donation of orans and other goods.
  • Our patients are informet about how they can participate in clinical research and experiments carried out in the hospital. The patients and their relatives who have agreed to participate have the right to receive all the information.
  • Our patients are entitled to receive clear information about the hsopital’s mission.

The Right of Knowing and Replacing the Staff

  • Our patients have the right to know the identity of the doctors, nurses and other health personnel responsible for their treatment as well as and choose and change them.

Facility Selection and Replacement Rights

  • Our patients have to make a complete registration procedure as required by the legislation governing and has the right to choose and change health institutions..

The Right to Refuse and Stop the Treatment

  • Regardless of the compulsory situation, including the responsibility of negative consequences that may arise, the patient itself has the right to refuse treatment that is being planned or implemented at the application before.

Privacy Right (Intimacy)

  • Our patients have the right to have a private atmosphere during the treatment process.
  • The health status of all individuals admitted to our hospital, their medical condition and personal information are protected in all kinds of forms and will remain confidential even after death.
    This will be explained on the patient’s information explicit contest or precise request of the cours.

The Right To Be Respected

  • Our patients always have a protected personal dignity and respect in a compassionate and friendly environment while completing their examination. They have the right to be treated in a friendly and compassionate atmosphere.

The Right To Request A Consultation

  • With an extra payment the patients has the right to request a consultation with experts from different fields.

The Right to Request a Second Opinion

  • Except the physician who treates the patient, another one of the same branch has the right to receive information about the status of the treatment and patient’s health conditions.

The Right to Perform Religious Duties

  • Regardless religious differences, our patient have the right of performing religious duties as long as it does not affect the treatment.

Safety Rights

  • Everyone is holds the right and excpects to be safe in health care institutions. Patients or their relatives are in need for privacy protection of their lifes and property of visitios and attendants.
  • Children, individuals with disabilities and elderly patients (without supervision) are under appropriate protection in our hospital and safety measurements are being taken.

Guidelines for Patients and Their Attendants

  • Our patients can accept visitors and companion only if in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by our hospital.

Opinion and Suggestions Reporting Rights

  • In case of the violation of patient’s rights, the patient and the patient’s family has the right to initiate a complaint about the hospital previously reviewed and completed and has the right to be informed about the outcome.

Polices and Practices of the Health Care Provider

  • Our patients have the right to be informed about the hospital riles and regulation that apply to them.

Tetkik ve Tedavi Bedelleri

  • Our patients have the right to know the service fees they are paying for. They ask and receive clear and detailed invoice.

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