Giving Information

  • The providers of the medical services such as doctors and nurses give complete and accurate information about the health status..

Obeying the recommendations

  • The responsible doctor recommends a treatment plan to our patients completed with doctor’s instructons. The relevant maintenance of the plan is in accordance with the administration of health personnel obligated to accept the fulfillment of the maintained plan.

Planned Treatment

  • Our patient’s responsible doctor holds the consequences of refusing planned treatment.

Compliance with Health Facility Guidelines

  • Our patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of our health care organization.

Showing Respect

  • Our patients in the health institution, their relatives and visitor should comply measures and rules in case of prohibited situations such as smoking, immense noise.

Infection Control

  • Our patient and their relatives should be aware of the patient’s infectious diseases and to be cautious about all the measures.

Payment Responsibility

  • Our patients are responsible to pay the examination and treatment costs. Intentional damaging fixtures and supplies are also a responsibility of the patient and their relatives.

Patient Visitor

  • All the visitors should abide by visiting hours. Hospital’s patient visitors bringing food, drink and other goods and equipment people use, should be at less as possible.

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